Education Services

Learning Pods

Looking for an educational setting for your child during their at home learning days?  Learning pods are groups of 2-4 children learning together along with a motivating guide who ensures the students complete their assignments and stay organized.  Lunch and an activity are embedded midday.  Learning pods have the same students in them each time to mitigate exposure.  Pods typically run 9am-2pm and cost $200 per pod split amongst the members.  

Pods can be tailored to fit your needs.  

We have recently introduced pods for virtual Fridays!

Please inquire here for more information on joining an existing pod or forming a new one. 


Many of our nannies are also certified teachers!  We have teachers certified in reading, math, science, history, Spanish, elementary and preschool education.  Contact us to find a tutor that can assist your child in the desired content area. 

Prices vary based on subject and level of education.