Placement Services

Long-Term Placement

Are you looking for a nanny to become part of your family?  

We offer long term placement services! See the steps we follow below

  1. Learning Family’s preferences: Jackson Hole Nannies, LLC starts by understanding the qualities and traits the family desires in a nanny, as well as their specific needs.

  2. Candidate search: The agency sends out a request to their existing roster of candidates, as well as actively recruits new candidates who fit the family’s requirements. Jackson Hole Nannies, LLC conducts an initial  screening process on the candidates to ensure they meet the agency’s standards. 

  3. Candidate introduction: the agency introduces the selected candidates to the family for their review and interview.

  4. Interview scheduling: The agency assists in coordinating and scheduling interviews between the family and the candidates, allowing the family to personally assess each candidate and determine their suitability.

  5. Family’s decision: After the interviews, the family decides which candidate(s) they would like to hire as their nanny. 

  6. Documentation and verification: Upon the family’s decision to offer employment, the agency provides the family with documentation on the selected candidate. This may include background checks, CPR verification, and reference checks.

  7. Job offer: The family extends the job offer to the selected nanny.

  8. Work agreement and contract: Jackson Hole Nannies, LLC offers assistance to both the family and the nanny in completing a work agreement. If desired, the agency can provide a contract template to ensure that all parties’ needs and expectations are met.

 Jackson Hole Nannies, LLC provides comprehensive support throughout the nanny placement process, from initial search to finalizing the employment agreement. Families can benefit from their expertise and guidance in finding a nanny who aligns with their requirements.



For placements 12 months or longer,  the placement fee is 10% of the

candidate’s gross annualized compensation

For placement services  11 months or less, the placement fee is 20% of the

candidate’s  Gross Annualized Compensation

*There is a minimum$2,500 fee for both services and a $250 Launch Fee

The fee covers the following:

  •  Advertising
  • Contracts
  • Background check
  • CPR certification
  • Reference checks (3)
  • 90 day guarantee
  • Agency time and labor

The fee is Tax deductible

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